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Troy Clark

As a Chill Out DJ for 25yrs I’ve overcome many obsticles in my life around Music, especially at 5am being asked to play something more upbeat!!..needless to say I stuck to my guns, i’ve dj’d at many a free party in and around North Lancashire and Cumbria and too many Clubs and Festivals to mention. I was also a regular visitor to the Blackburn Acid House Parties late 80’s which around this time I heard the first Enigma album probably the biggest album that changed me musically!! style is an Eclectic style with no mix similar to the last I just play what I like and always will..i was extremely influenced from Glastonbury late 80’s through Womad mid 90’s and the early Big Chill Festivals..Black Mountains..Larmer Tree.and Eastnor Castle Festivals that disturbed my musical consciousness in a way that influences me to this day. And here I find myself on Box Frequency amongst all you wonderful and talented people..I’m now one of a three man collective that put’s on Loungevity at Solfest in Cumbria at the end of August every year..a 100’ x 40’Chill Out tent which runs 24hrs for 3 days which I’m proud to say is one of the best spaces at any Festival you will find..welcome to my world..i hope you enjoy the show as much as I will.