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Rude Transmissions

Every 1st and Third Friday 9 - 11pm (UK)

Describing the Rude Transmissions sound would be like describing a bag of old photographs. Each is different, but they somehow fit together to form a whole.

Over three decades Si Moutarde, Mark Oliver and Andrew Bartlett have brought different sounds to each other and the result is broad musical landscape that defies real definition.

If you listened to Si play you'd think they are all about wiggling your arse to Disco, House and Hip Hop, whereas if you listened to Mark you'd think they were all about an 'anything goes' attitude that crosses genre with ease. Meanwhile Andy plays a style you might hear in a dark warehouse at three in the morning when you're unable to talk.

Listening to them together you'd know it's Rude Transmissions: three friends, three decades, three styles.