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Reverand JP

1st and 3rd Sunday of the month 8 - 10pm (UK)

The Rev JP is a man and also he is a reverend and a DJ, which when all is added up and deductions are made for religious and non-religious reasons, makes him a reverend man DJ person. Ably assisted by his sidekick, Ken, the Rev presents a show which is not only 100% live but also is 100% live. Come and join the ever growing congregation – it’s really not that hard!

Here’s what we imagine people have been saying about the show:

“Weapons grade tuneage, supplemented by warp speed, top notch Southern jibber jabber” – Anonymous Congregation Member

“The music is great but he doesn’t half go on” – The long suffering Mrs P

“I’m sorry but I haven’t got a clue what or who you are talking about” – Mrs Spoon, Nit Nurse