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Johnny Eyeball

Every Thursday 7 - 10pm (UK)

A Dj/promoter music obsessive with over 20 years of experience playing in bars, beaches, basements, castles, clubs, palaces, warships and warehouses. He has many a tale to tell but we will leave that for the book. In 2010 Johnny created The House of the Flying Eyeball as a facebook group to post YouTube videos. With an anything goes ethos the group soon caught on. The blog followed shortly after and has become a home for all of Johnny’s projects. With a huge archive of mixes, interviews and Dj info, it is overflowing with superb content. A one stop shop for all things eyeball related.

2012 saw Johnny start the My Favorite Things Radio Show on Boxfrequency “Like Brooklyn circa 78 but in the future” the show delivered week after week an eclectic mix of quality music. It was diverse, fresh and always outstanding. There is a huge back catalogue of some 70 shows with some classic mixes from the likes of Kelvin Andrews, Danny Mekanik, Steve Cobby, Eclectic Circus and Hot Toddy to name just a few…

In June 2014 Johnny decided to end the My Favorite Things show and is very proud of what he and the rest of the eyeballers achieved in the two years it was running. So always evolving and thinking ahead he thought why not change it up, time for a new project.


This new show will follow on where My Favorite Things left off with a new Thursday night slot, a couple of tweaks in the format, two fantastic new residents and a brand new bag of ideas. We are honored to have acid house Legend Trevor Fung join the team. This man needs no introduction, what he does not know about house music you don’t need to know. Also we have a member of the new London Balearic Mafia, Musica Noche promoter and resident, the fantastic Russell Penn. These two additions to the team along with Eyeball stalwarts Matthew Foord and Steve Bon Scott are sure to guarantee you a weekly musical treat. As always, leaving no stone unturned, Johnny will ensure Network will continue to bring in the quality and diversity the eyeballers have become accustomed to.

The Chill Out Sessions

In addition to these two shows, on the last Sunday of the month Johnny has joined forces with Liquid Lounge and the Sun is Shining blog for The Chill out Sessions, a 3 hour journey of laid back grooves, chilled beats and dubbed out soundscapes.

Very exciting times ahead for Sergeant Eyeball… ;0). To find out more about all of these projects visit the fab House of the Flying Eyeball blog