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Jaye has been broadmindedly programming psychedelic dance floors and back rooms since the 80’ with art, dub, industrial, acid house, leftfield disco & techno soundtracks >> her previous version was a 90’s record shop counter monkey & disco dwarf >> jaye has shared controls with and organized ill fated do’s with Black Merlin, Kyle Martin, Jonny Nash, Richard fearless, Harvey, Diesel, Giles Peterson, Idjut Boys, Frankie Valentine, Moonboots, Kelvin Andrews, the Mighty Zaf, Beppe Loda, Matthew & Jolyon, Bill Brewster, Simon Faze Action, Joel Martin (quiet village), Ashley Beedle, west Norwood cassette library, Kenny Hawkes (rip) & Luke Solomon and collected, sold and collected again, more records than she can remember.