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Jah Shabby

Every third Wednesday of the month 7 - 10pm (UK)

Jah Shabby, or Barney as he’s more commonly known, is a journalist who has gone out of his way to play records at people whenever possible, be they willing dancers or indifferent drunks. A resident at London’s infamous Rock’n’ Roll Soul, he found himself at a loose end when the night went into hibernation after a decade of dancing. Back and to the Left was the next move, his regular five-hour sets in East London born out of a love of electronic music, odd foreign records and early Simple Minds.

Fleeing Walthamstow after it succumbed to the double-pronged attack of craft beer and artisan bread, Barney’s Back and to the Left nights have now made the transition to Boxfrequency.fm. It has recently been described as “a two hour radio show on the third Wednesday of the month.”

Occasionally it runs to three hours.