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Death before disco

Music obsessives and record horders for longer than is medically advisable, Standeasy and Mark Algar have been plying their trade (with varying degrees of sucess) in and around the North East since the early 90's. Previously hosting radio shows on Leeds' KMAH Radio and Intergalactic FM and playing at parties up and down the country alongside such luminaries as Andrew Weatherall, Ivan Smagghe, Todd Terje, Maurice Fulton and countless others, as well as running the Tourist, ClickClakk and Body Talk Parties in Newcastle. After much procrastination and dragging of feet they've managed to find the time and energy to blow the dust off the records from the more obscure areas of their record collections and play a selection of far out oscillations from 14 Hz to 28 kHz and sounds between -15 Db and 90 Db on Box Frequency once a month. Enter at your own risk.